Roof Leaking
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Common Roofing Problems Requiring Urgent Repairs

  1. cracked ridge caps
  2. gaps in vent pipes
  3. deterioration of roofing materials resulting from aging.
  4. buildup of debris such as twigs and leaves can trap water
  5. clogged gutters
  6. missing or cracked shingles
  7. repair leaks on shingle roofs

Roof Repairing Services

Some services that roof repairers can provide include:

  1. replacing broken, cracked or missing tiles
  2. re-bedding ridges
  3. replacing or killing rust in roof valleys
  4. total pressure clean
  5. Anti Fungus and anti algae
  6. applying a waterproof sealer
  7. repairing gutters
  8. Apply weatherproof sealants
  9. gutter cleaning and replacement

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